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Packing Supplies


Packing Supplies are available for customers who have booked our packing services.

Supplies will be provided at the time of packing and the customer will be charged for supplies used.

Packing Supplies Cost:

-Sm Box: $2.25 each

-Med Box: $3.75 each

-Dish Packs: $6.00 each

-Packing paper: $37.00 for a 25 lb pack

-Tape: $5.00 per roll

-Bubble wrap: $110.00 per roll

-Clothing Wardrobes can be purchased for $12.00 each.

-Wardrobes can be rented with your move for $5.00 each to be returned upon completion of the move


Pets Love Us, Too!

People don’t always think about how traumatizing a move can be for their pets.  It is important that you keep as many familiar and favorite objects very accessible during your move.  Make sure to have your Fur-Baby’s favorite toys on hand and treats wouldn’t hurt either.  Our crew can make sure their food and water bowls, beds and crates are put on the truck last so they can come out first and be put in place ASAP when you arrive at your new home!


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