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  • Fall Purge

    Now is the time for a Fall Purge! A Fall Purge can help you on your way to a decluttered home.  Whether you are preparing to sell your home or […]

  • Fall Cleanouts

    Tips for Successful Fall Cleanouts Fall Cleanouts are a big part of what it takes to sell you home or just live in a better environment.  And Fall is the […]

  • Long Term Packing

    Long Term Packing for Items You Want to Keep Some items require long term packing.  Items that you my use occasionally but not often come to mind.  Tools are a […]

  • Summer Moving

    Summer Moving Can Be A Hot Mess! There are a lot of challenges to Summer Moving.  For example, Heat, Heat and Heat! LOL!  Furthermore, flash rain storms, effects on children […]

  • Tips for Selling Your Home

    More Great Tips for Selling Your Home Looking for some tips for selling your home?  Well look no further!  B & K Movers, Your Delco Moving Company has tips for […]

  • Protecting Your Artwork

    Tips for Protecting Your Artwork Protecting your artwork is a necessary preparation before you move!  From expensive pieces to Precious refrigerator art, Proper techniques will ensure your artwork survives your […]

  • Proper Kitchen Packing

      Proper kitchen packing is essential to making sure your items arrive safely in your new home.  You can’t just throw your knives into a plastic bag.  Also, Dishes and […]

  • Proper Packing

    Proper Packing is Key to a Successful Move Enlisting proper packing techniques will ensure your valuables will be safe and secure during your move.  At B&K, we will do everything […]

  • Staging Your Home

    Staging Your Home – A Formula For Success! Staging Your Home will help you sell it quicker and often for more money!  People who attend your open houses will want […]

  • Choosing the Right Movers

    Choosing the Right Movers is as easy as B&K! When choosing the right movers,  it is important to do research and compare. You should read online reviews and ask for recommendations […]