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Purge and Sell

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Purge and Sell tips, which will Make You Money!

If You purge and sell you will go through less hell!

Taking some time to purge and sell now will make your move easier and more affordable!  Social Media Icon Gary Vaynerchuk says there are thousands of dollars in unused items in the average US Home!  This has been proven to be true.  Furthermore, gradually eliminating clutter from your home will make your life a lot easier!  You could EASILY make $1,000 to $2,000 selling off unused items in your home.  Additionally, this could help you offset some or all of your moving expenses!

What to Purge?

A good rule of thumb when deciding what to purge is “Dust”.  If your items are actually collecting a lot of dust, you probably haven’t used them in a year.  And a year of not being used is a pretty good baseline for the purge pile. Pull these items out and separate them by categories.  Some category ideas are clothes, electronics, furniture, appliances, sports equipment, books and collectibles.

Will it Sell?

Once you have decided which items to sell, look to see if others are trying to sell the same items.  Look for a few things before you list your items to sell.  What is it selling for?  How long has it been for sale?  What shape are theirs in compared to mine?  Also, consider grouping items together as a package sale.  For instance, list a baseball bat, glove and helmet together as a package.  Sell them at a bundle rate.  You will get rid of three items instead of one.  Even if you discount them a bit, you will have money in your pocket!  And make sure you sell the items for LESS than what others have them listed.  Forget about how much you paid for them originally.  It doesn’t matter.  THAT money is gone and you are not using the items.  Get that green!

Where to sell it?

Ebay is the Number One place to sell items overall.  But there are places, which work really well with specific categories.  For instance, Poshmark is a great place to sell your high end fashion items.  Craigslist is a great place to list big items. Things like furniture and exercise equipment, which are too expensive to ship, can be listed for local pickup only.  Just be mindful that strangers will have access to your home, so make sure you are not alone and maybe have the items outside when they arrive for pickup.

When to Hold ’em & When to Fold ’em?

If your items haven’t sold in a month, lower the price.  Make sure you have a well-written product description and make sure you have great images of your items.  If they haven’t sold after 2-3 months, it’s time to either donate them or throw them away.  After 3-6 months of consistent sorting purging and selling, you will find yourself with less items to move, a less cluttered house and money in the bank, which can be applied to or maybe even offset the cost of your move!


At B&K Movers in Havertown, PA, we appreciate you and Your business!  We love our clients and want to ensure their move is as stress-free as possible. And we take pride in making sure we help to protect all your assets.  Please look for more tips in our next blog! At B & K Movers, we treat your possessions as if they are Our own!  Additionally, We are insured, friendly and experienced.   So if you are planning to move soon, please give us a call!  Visit our website’s Blog – Movin’ On Up for more tips and information.  And please follow / like us on FaceBook and Instagram!

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