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Holiday Declutter

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Tips for a Holiday Declutter

Now is the Time for a Holiday Declutter!

Digging for decorations is the perfect opportunity for a Holiday Declutter!  Will you be digging through your garage, attic or basement for decorations?  Look around when you do.  What do you see?  Old strings of tangled lights and broken decorations should all be tossed.  The hardest thing about purging is sentimentality. Thoughts like “This was Grandma’s” or “That was from our first home” make it difficult to get rid of stuff.  But the Holidays are about being with and celebrating Family & Friends.  If you don’t use it – lose it.  Maybe you can donate decorations you don’t use.  Or maybe a relative would like Grandma’s old-fashioned bulb lights.

What Else can You Purge?

While you are grabbing your decorations and deciding what to get rid of, what else is around?  As long as you are getting rid of decorations, look around.  Additionally, look at stuff in storage that you haven’t used in a while.  Then get some stacking bins, boxes an organization products.  Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to clean the space that is probably very dusty.  When the Holidays are over, you will have a nice organized space where your favorite and usable decorations will live.  You will have successfully pulled off a Holiday Declutter!


At B&K Movers in Havertown, PA, we appreciate you and want to once again wish you a Happy Holiday Season!  We love our clients and want to ensure their move is as stress-free as possible. And we take pride in making sure we help to protect all your assets.  Please look for more tips in our next blog! At B & K Movers, we treat your possessions as if they are Our own!  Additionally, We are insured and experienced and appreciate your business.  So if you are planning to move, please give us a call!  Visit our website for more tips and information.  And please follow / like us on FaceBook and Instagram!

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