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Money Saving Tips

Here are some money saving tips for After you move

Money Saving Tips for After You Move

Here are some great money saving tips for you to use in your new home.  There are many costly services which you can reduce the cost of, or eliminate entirely.  We are not talking things like newspaper delivery, although that can be one!  Just get your news online.  Even local papers have that option now.  But here are some items, which can cost a lot more and can be reduced:

Alarm Systems

Perhaps your former home had a professionally installed hard wired system with off site monitoring.  That could cost over $2000 per year!  But now you can purchase digital systems, which you can self install and have alerts sent directly to your phone.  Some have low cost monthly fees, but you will save thousands over the years in your new home.

Cable TV & Internet

Big Cable consistently raises their pricing.  MAny people are paying over $325 per month for phone, TV and Internet Bundle.  It’s crazy!  Perhaps it’s time to cut the cord!  A typical internet only service will cost you $50-$75 per month.  Then a one-time purchase of a Fire Stick or equivalent may cost about $100.  Next you can choose a service which streams everything!  Sports, Premium channels, etc for about $50-$65 per month.  You will save over $100 per month!

Cell Phones

There is no need for a landline anymore, but a cell phone is necessary.  Call and renegotiate.  90% of the time you will get a reduction or improved service.  If you don’t ask, the answer is always “No”.

Medical Bills & Prescriptions

Hospitals are always willing to negotiate with you.  Review all your bills and get on easy payment plans.  And stop by your new local Pharmacy and make sure there are coupons attached to every regular prescription you get.

The Purge

Make sure that when it’s time to move you have gotten rid of everything you don’t use anymore.  Online and garage sales/ flea Markets are a great way to put a lot of money in your pocket!  Also, it will reduce your moving costs as it will tale less time and crew to handle your move

And ALWAYS call B&K when it’s time to move!


At B&K Movers in Havertown, PA, we appreciate that staging your home can be a daunting task! We love our clients and want to ensure their move is as stress-free as possible. And we take pride in making sure we help to protect all your assets.  Please look for more tips in our next blog! At B & K Movers, we treat your possessions as if they are Our own!  Additionally, We are insured and experienced and appreciate your business.  So if you are planning to move, please give us a call!  Visit our website for more tips and information.  And please follow / like us on FaceBook and Instagram!

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