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Moving Tips for Pets

Moving Tips for Pets


Moving Tips for Pets

Moving is a stressful time for humans, but do you ever wonder how stressful it can be for a pet? Below are some tips for making the transition smooth for your pet as well!

Choosing a New Home

Before you pick out your dream home, make sure your pet will love it just as much as you do! It’s always a good idea to walk around the neighborhood to determine if the area seems safe for your pets.

Square footage needs cats vs. dogs:

· Cats: look for a new space that allows for vertical building—it’s easy to create a lot of vertical space with shelving, such as kitty blocks on top of furniture.

· Dogs: Older dogs, puppies and dogs with house training issues will need to go outside often, which might be difficult in an apartment building with lots of stairs or a house without a yard.

Packing Up

To help your pets adjust to the moving process you can bring in moving boxes early, and keeping your furry friends in a familiar room you plan to pack up last. On moving day, it is best to keep your pets in a quiet room with the door shut, or at a friend’s house if you have the option. Doing so will help ensure that your cat or dog won’t get scared and try to make a quick getaway. During the moving process, try to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible.


It will be tempting to set your dog or cat loose in your new home to explore, but an unfamiliar space can be overwhelming to your pets. Start by allowing them to adjust to one room and include their favorite toys, treats, water and food bowls and litter box for cats. When they seem comfortable, gradually introduce them to other rooms in the house, while keeping some doors shut.

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